A right to have fun

June 14, 2005

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So allegedly I'm starting my new job in mid-July. I have been told on the phone but I'm still waiting for confirmation in writing. Now Mr and I have booked two small vacations and are making a few plans, so I really hope I AM getting that job. They can't really go back on it without a problem, but it feels a bit unnerving.
Meanwhile I'm trying to sort out loads of personal admin - bank accounts and bills and things, and it is just so frustrating dealing with people on the phone and not getting things done properly. It always makes me so cross. I get halfway through a process, feel I'm finally making progress, and then hit a major hitch which means I just give up and stop fighting, at which point the problem gets even worse. Oh well.
Off this weekend hooray and I'd better start feeling happy about it I guess!